First People Fund Fellow Profile, “Blooming From Her Mother’s Prayers”

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Being a fellow within the First Peoples Fund (FPF) Artist in Business Leadership (ABL) fellowship is a blessing. My fellow cohort for 2018 are incredibly talented and inspiring people. We convened in Santa Fe but we span the northern continent – from Nome, AK to my home in North Carolina (full list of 2018 Fellows here). While we gathered and met in person earlier this year, I have met and/ or spoken to other FPF Fellows since then.

Sarah Sawyer (Choctow Nation), my interviewer for this FPF artist profile, is a 2015 ABL Fellow and I am grateful for how she captures the reason behind my Instagram hashtag: #IAmBloomingFromMyMothersPrayers.

Featured image, above, is the necklace mentioned in the profile.


Gallery | Images from 2018 FPF Fellow Convening in Santa Fe, NM.

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