January 2014

Family, friends and colleagues have been supportive and happy to know  I FINALLY began “showing” my own jewelry. My foray into the business side of Navajo jewelry has been pretty fast. In two short months, I’ve hopped from creating a staple item to a collaboration series to original pieces.

The dine’bazaad pendent/ necklaces have become quite popular since my original photo posted to Facebook and Instagram in November 2013. It has been amazing to see the pendant words, “hózhǫ” and “nizhoni”, resonate with people. There have been fun comment threads in Facebook about the pendants with Navajo clan names- happily and naturally, k’é is alive and well.

Another project of NOTABOVE gaining attention is the NOTABOVE x JSLIM earring series. Jeff has been a constant in the Phoenix art scene with shows around the Valley. His medium consisted of more stencil work but he has stepped away from creating stencils to continue working on painting commissions and preparing paintings for upcoming shows. But the work he has done did not include jewelry designs, and so, our limited edition collaboration was born.

Kate Crowley wrote a great article for the Phoenix New Times of the NOTABOVE pendants and the NOTABOVE x JSLIM Collab, click here for the article. And, the photos shown below are a few earrings from the Collab series.

Check the photos below, taken by J. Slim, of the NOTABOVE x J. SLIM collaboration:


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